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About Stone Therapy

  Many practitioners in the field of massage and bodywork, suffer in silence as the nature of delivering the treatment work takes a toll on their hands, wrists and arms, the “tools” of their chosen profession.

If you could find a solution to this dilemma, to save your body from further stress and injury, would you jump at this chance?

Well, the answer is simple. Introduce stone treatments into your practices and spas and invite their energies into your treatment room, letting them do the heavy work as they “walk” along the muscles.

By partnering with the healing energies of Basalt and Marble stones you create a balanced and grounded massage experience for your client, ranging from soothing relaxation to deeply therapeutic. Stay current, while increasing your selection of client services as well as your revenue potential. Some of the Vancouver locations charge as much as $170.00/1.5 hour for some of these unique treatments. 

Learn this natural, holistic treatment! Partner with the healing energies of Basalt and Marble stones. Create the ultimate massage experience – deeply soothing and immensely therapeutic.

Beginner or seasoned professional? These courses are for anyone currently studying, practicing or considering a career in Massage, Bodywork, Esthetics or the Spa Industry, OCEAN STONE THERAPY courses will enhance the value of your treatments. Allow yourself to fall in love with these natural, ancient, holistic treatments.


For Bookings or enquires please call my mobile: 0098 (0)9198480800


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